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Policies and Guidelines

Board Rule 6Gx13- 1B-1.01

All volunteers must complete, sign, and date a Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ School Volunteer Program Registration Form (FM 1764E) before being placed, in a school, or beginning service as a school volunteer and successfully complete a background check.

1. A driver’s license or an appropriate photo identification card (ID) (passport, school ID, etc.,) must be provided at the time of registration.

2. Upon registration, volunteers must wait until they receive notice from the school or worksite to begin service.

3. Any volunteer who registers must successfully complete the registration and background check process delineated in administrative policies annually approved by the Superintendent of Schools. If significant changes occur in the background check process, the School Board will be notified by the Office of the Superintendent of Schools. Volunteers must report any criminal proceedings, including those, which may occur after a background check, to school authorities immediately.

4. Once approved, all volunteers must sign in and out at a designated location in the school before proceeding to their volunteer site. This is required for purposes of liability and to know the location of a volunteer in case of an emergency.

5. All volunteers must wear an identifying badge, such as the School Volunteer Program button, whenever volunteering.

6. Volunteers are to always serve as positive role models. A school volunteer MUST ALWAYS: use appropriate language; discuss age-appropriate topics; refrain from inappropriately touching students; refrain from disciplining students (behaviors needing discipline should be directed to the appropriate teacher or staff member); and refrain from giving students gifts, rewards, or food items of any kind without the teacher’s permission.

7. For liability reasons, volunteers must leave preschoolers or children not registered in the school, at home.

8. Volunteers may not be left alone to supervise a group of students. The visual and auditory presence of a Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ employee must be maintained at all times.

9. Volunteers MUST keep CONFIDENTIAL any information about a student or any school-related incident. If there is a safety concern or an emergency issue, it must immediately be communicated to someone in authority.

10. Volunteers should notify the front office if an illness or emergency prohibits them from attending a scheduled volunteer shift. Volunteers should be prompt and dependable.

11. The dress code for volunteers should be appropriate at all times.

12. Volunteers, under the supervision of the school volunteer liaison, should maintain a sign in sheet for volunteer activities and service. If service is provided after school or in the evenings, the beginning-ending time frame of the activity should be written. This record sheet should be submitted to the School Volunteer Liaison during the next visit to the worksite.

13. Volunteers and staff members must adhere to School Board Rules, 6Gx13- 4A-1.21 Responsibilities and Duties, and 6Gx13- 4-1.09, Employee Student Relationships.

14. Each school principal or work site supervisor may set additional policies with respect to volunteer involvement. A volunteer’s service may be terminated at any time, either at the discretion of the principal, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, or the volunteer.


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